Facial creams
Whitening creams
Color makeup
Herbal cosmetics
Exclusive cosmetics products

Hair care products

Hair cleansers
Hair treatments
Hair styling cosmetics
Hair growth oil
Hair colors

Salon accessories

Hair cutting accessories
High frequency machines
Hair styling accessories
Professional hair dryers and clipper irons

Imitation jewelry

Necklace sets
Kandian sets and accessories
Exclusive Indian necklaces
Araka Indian jewelry


  • Hair Cutting Scissors
  • Hair Cutting Capes
  • Hair Cutting Combs
  • Hair Thining Combs
  • Hair Cutting Aprons
  • Dummy Heads With Synthetic Hair
  • Branded Hair Dryers
  • Hair Irons
  • Branded Hair Cutting Clippers
  • High Frequncy Machines
  • Galvanic Machine
  • Head Steamers
  • Facial Sauna
  • Curling Tons
  • Hot Rollers
  • All Tools For Pedicure And Manicure Purposes
  • Foot Bath Tubs With Water Heater I Ndifferent Sizes
  • Water Spray Cans
  • Saloon Chairs

    Saloons Beds
    Facial Massaging Machines
    Perming And Curling Rollers I N Different Sizes
    Highlightneng Caps
    Rubber Gloves For Hair Colouring Purpose
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